It's not the warning, but the response
that matters most

We have created the Zero Dropouts Early Response System, an interactive video based approach utilizing real-time student data analysis to monitor student performance and guide timely and appropriate interventions in grades 6-12 to keep students on track to graduation. We also created a real-time data management system that helps monitor the performance of the district, schools and classes in helping all students’ progress on time by credit toward graduation. This state of the art system, called the On-Track Monitor, assists Zero Dropouts staff in monitoring the educational system, and continuing to identify leverage points for appropriate action.

Dropping out is a process. Students falling behind in school who do not receive appropriate and timely intervention simply fall further behind. Eventually most lose hope in graduating from high school, and drop out of school.

The Early Response System utilizes student level data to guide school professionals in responding early and effectively to students starting to fall off-track through failing classes. Most early warning systems being developed are far too complicated, and deal with complex data by creating equally complex warning systems. These systems are also overly focused on the data side, and pay very little attention to the ultimately important response side of the situation. We have created an approach that is high tech in areas dealing with data, and high touch dealing with the response that caring school professionals need to make in building and utilizing supportive relationships with our students.

Whereas other early warning systems have you deal with upwards of 40-50 different indicators and data fields, we believe that a more elegant approach is more effective. The Zero Dropouts early response system utilizes course failure as the primary indicator, and then helps you focus on the quantitative and qualitative secondary factors that are driving the course failure. Flagging the student by course failure is the first step, and subsequently diagnosing the causal factors by looking at these secondary indicators such as behavior, attendance, schedules, teacher assignment, and involvement in extra-curricular activities points not only to the problem but also the possible intervention.

Instead of making school personnel sift through reams of data, our early response system utilizes a platform conducive to the student-oriented professionals in each district and high school. Using new interactive video technology to guide each professional through an intervention strategy with each student, staff members have at their fingertips a desktop tool that allows them to customize an effective early response intervention for each student. In addition, this system allows staff to input qualitative data from discussions with students, keep track of case notes around interventions, and track the outcomes and success of their interventions.

Through a commitment to driving the number of course failures in your school or district to zero through our Zero F Campaign, along with an interactive tool to help you intervene with students who are off-track, we believe that together we can reach the goal of zero dropouts for your school and district.

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