Believing in Zero

We passionately believe in young people. We are deeply inspired by the absolutely remarkable potential sometimes hidden within all of our youth. We believe that it is our responsibility as adults to create educational systems that actualize the potential of all of our students. Through the proper nurturing of the gifts and talents of our youth, young people will bring to bear their full selves in bringing about a collective future beneficial to us all.

Currently, there are some who have not been reached educationally and are not being served well by our educational system. As canaries in the coal mine, they often bear witness to the fact that our system of schooling is broken in America. To their own detriment, millions of students speak loud and clear with their feet by dropping out each year across our nation, often foreclosing their own futures. And as is often the case, in our shoot-the-messenger society, we scapegoat these students who are essentially the victims of our poorly designed failing schools.

They deserve better. We all deserve better, because missing out on the incredible potential of this segment of our population dropping out of school will ultimately be devastating to us all. We can design customized approaches to reach all of our young people. We can create better systems in current schools to respond earlier and quicker to students who are falling off track. We can design innovative approaches to reaching out to students who have dropped out of school to help them return to re-engage their education. We can build systems that allow those community service providers who care about the education of youth to have a coordinated response to serve our districts and school systems. We can create approaches that help young people discover their unique gifts, and find their vocations to make their impact on this world. We can make a difference.