Most Dropouts Want to Succeed. They
Simply Need the Right Place to Do It.

We help school districts examine their portfolio of school options to ensure that every student has a realistic and desirable educational pathway for educational success. Through quantitative and qualitative analysis, we help districts identify gaps in their school program offerings, and assist them in starting new programs to fill in those program gaps.

We believe that school districts need to have a robust portfolio of school options to serve all students in the districts. We will analyze your district's portfolio of options in terms of which students are being served well, and which are not currently being served effectively. This approach has a quantitative component and also a qualitative piece of examining your alternative school approaches. This analysis will culminate in a report that will indicate groups of students who could be served better by adding more seats at existing schools, or creating additional alternative environments. We can then either assist you in creating these types of schools, or connect you with other local and/or national providers who have expertise in these school models.