Committed to ZERO

We are creating a campaign. A movement. A revolution to activate those who believe in the remarkable potential of youth and are committed to being a part of the solution to stop the dropout crisis in America. We know we can’t do it alone, but we can help lead the conversation. We can provide expertise and tools and a platform for sharing ideas and outcomes. Following are a few of our recent engagements toward the end of making ‘zero’ happen:

Dropout Recovery- Detroit

With the harsh economic environment in Detroit, the city dropout numbers are one of the worst in the nation. In the summer of 2011, Zero Dropouts consulted with Ombudsman to create a strategic approach to finding 300 high school dropouts to return to school at a newly created school program. With two school locations to be built in Detroit, we guided the creation of a six week plan to drive high school students within the adjoining neighborhoods to key events and key personnel to assist them in enrolling in school. Without access to school district information, the project was challenging in that we needed to drive large numbers of youth to the sites to find the ones that qualified for the program. Also, with the tight six-week timeframe, there was not a lot of time to gain significant momentum. Since the locations were not built yet, we helped Ombudsman create micro-sites near the school locations to attract interested students. For dropouts to qualify to return to this school in Michigan, their names have to be on an official state dropout list. With all these obstacles, the outreach strategy was able to attract a substantial number of students.

Dropout Recovery – Clark County School District, Las Vegas

The Clark County School District in Las Vegas, Nevada faces some of the most difficult challenges in the nation. Ombudsman was contracted to start a hybrid online learning program for 300 at-risk students in the district. Ombudsman contracted with Zero Dropouts in fall 2011 to create and run an outreach campaign to help up to 30 high school dropouts return to the new school. We started by working with the school district to obtain appropriate data to identify potential dropouts, and their contact information. With a Zero Dropout contracted staff in Las Vegas we attempted to reach over 300 students in a 7-week period of time to help 10 high school dropouts enroll back in school. Our staff worked to address significant barriers for students to return to school and acted as the liaison between students and the new school. Through this collaborative approach, we established the case that there are out-of-school students in Las Vegas that want to return to school to be successful.